10 10, 2017

5 Most Embarrassing Runner Problems


I love running. And, I'm sure you do too, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. But, and a big but, there are some areas of running that just are so damn embarrassing. Whether you are just the jogger that takes a lope around the block, or you spend many [...]

5 Most Embarrassing Runner Problems2017-10-10T16:43:25+02:00
1 10, 2017

Being Aware – CANCER MONTH


Bring out the pink and be more aware this month of the world of cancer. The proverbial they say that we all have cancer cells lurking within us, and we never know when it may be triggered. While that isn’t a comforting thought at all, it is one to ponder. [...]

Being Aware – CANCER MONTH2017-10-01T21:45:28+02:00
25 09, 2017

How Patriotic are you really?


We live in a beautiful country.  We are a diverse mix of colour, culture, and tradition.  And, like all countries, we had to find a day that represented our uniqueness and union.   Heritage Day celebrated on the 24th of September, used to be known as Shaka Day, named after [...]

How Patriotic are you really?2017-09-25T20:32:48+02:00
18 09, 2017

Marathon Mayhem


So, you have entered for your first marathon. You have planned out your running schedule, and booked yourself in for a few half marathons and yoga classes.  Your new trainers are just perfect with their lumo laces, and Sportsman Warehouse came to the party with their 20% off sale on [...]

Marathon Mayhem2017-09-18T15:21:02+02:00
12 09, 2017

Proud Moments for South Africa at the 2017 IAAF


Your heart is beating at a crazy pace, your breath is erratic, and your lungs are struggling to keep up.  You are not sure if you can stand it anymore.  The pressure is immense.  The crowd is going mad.  But, there are only a few metres to go before the [...]

Proud Moments for South Africa at the 2017 IAAF2017-09-12T12:04:22+02:00
4 09, 2017

Are you an Ironman?


Very recently, we started sponsoring product to Richard Lawrie, who has qualified to take part in the Kona Ironman in Hawaii which will be in October this year.   We are in such awe of this amazing young man.  The road to Kona (and incidentally his catch phrase) is not [...]

Are you an Ironman?2017-09-04T20:39:30+02:00
15 08, 2017

A patriotic look at our nation and sports


We are the rainbow nation, and that doesn’t just apply to our skin colour. We are diverse in all ways, and the one way that shines proudly is our sporting accolades. South Africans love all sport and whether we are partaking physically in a sport or couch-potatoeing in front of [...]

A patriotic look at our nation and sports2017-08-15T12:48:02+02:00
7 08, 2017

What Does it mean to be a Woman?


With Women’s Day popping up on our calendar, I feel it’s time to reflect on what it really means to be a woman. As with the male gender, we are easily slotted into neat little boxes – wife – girlfriend – female – female who has come of age – [...]

What Does it mean to be a Woman?2017-08-07T11:06:54+02:00
31 07, 2017

To sweat or not to sweat


Sweating is not a pastime most like to do, but it is, in fact, very healthy for you. There is a reason we sweat, obviously, although we do everything we can to avoid this natural occurrence. We ply ourselves with deodorant, body spray, underarm, and perfume, just to mask or [...]

To sweat or not to sweat2017-07-31T13:48:58+02:00
24 07, 2017



As you grow older, your feet will also grow then start to change shape, your skin may even get thinner, but they shouldn’t feel painful.  Keeping healthy feet for the rest of your life can be easy with a hands-on approach. Many older people will claim that you will miss [...]

FEET FOR LIFE2017-07-24T12:52:37+02:00
16 07, 2017



Mandela Day! It comes and it goes, but do you really get involved? Do you take the time to spend those 67 minutes with the man’s dedication in mind? Some just say they cannot think of what to do … well, let us give you a few ideas!   1. [...]

67 … WHAT A NUMBER!2020-11-05T18:10:10+02:00
10 07, 2017



Whether you are planning to run a marathon or a 5 kay, you need to prepare. Preparation involves your mind, body and life, as a whole. 1. Fuelling Up The top rule on eating before a race, is not to eat anything you wouldn’t have normally eaten before a training [...]

18 06, 2017

Why dads are necessary and other interesting stuff


Dads just do things differently to Moms, well, in fact, to anyone else actually. And, it is in those differences that make Dads so special and necessary. Tell Us A Story Not taking anything away from Mom’s story telling skills, but Dad’s generally are just more interesting. It could be [...]

Why dads are necessary and other interesting stuff2017-06-18T17:18:18+02:00
4 06, 2017

The 101 on Cleaning your Pet’s Stuff


While we love our pets, and like to consider them part of the family, they often act as germ carriers.  The germs that they bring into our homes settle in their toys and blankets too.  Because our animals don’t bath as regularly as we do, and are usually out and [...]

The 101 on Cleaning your Pet’s Stuff2017-06-07T15:36:51+02:00
21 05, 2017

How Fabric Breeds Bacteria


You consider yourself a clean person, right? You wash, shower or bath everyday, most times twice a day? You clean your home regularly? And, you wash your clothing?   So, why do your clothes sometimes have that just-not-so-fresh scent about them? Well, it is a simple answer, and it may [...]

How Fabric Breeds Bacteria2017-05-21T14:45:15+02:00
7 05, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Part-time Athlete


You’re headed out the door and you almost step back in, as a frozen blast of wind hits your just-woken up face. The streets are still dark and you are so tempted to head back to that warm bed, but you see your mate waving from the corner. Okay, no [...]

A Day in the Life of a Part-time Athlete2017-05-07T20:41:30+02:00
20 03, 2017

Why athletes should wash their Wetsuit


We were delighted to be part of the triathlon Westcoast Warmwater Weekend where we washed over 300 Wetsuits in FungiSolve. Why athletes don't wash their wetsuits.  Most athletes don't consider washing their wetsuits, they usually rinse them in fresh water after a swim in the sea to get rid of salt [...]

Why athletes should wash their Wetsuit2017-03-22T10:02:04+02:00
5 03, 2017

4 facts about germs in your home


Facts about germs Germs are in your home right now. Certain bacteria in the correct environment can divide every 20 minutes, spreading rapidly. Use FungiSolve to eliminate the spread and re-occurrence of bacteria and germs. Germs can make you sick. Your immune system protects you against most micro-organisms. However, there [...]

4 facts about germs in your home2017-03-05T17:46:28+02:00
9 02, 2017

30 different ways to kill fungus by using FungiSolve


There are so many ways to use FungiSolve, you have to ask yourself, why? Most important thing to know, fungal spores are EVERYWHERE! It is easy to become contaminated walking over a surface where someone has been with an infection. It is important not only to treat the infection but [...]

30 different ways to kill fungus by using FungiSolve2017-02-09T14:38:20+02:00
17 01, 2017

The Disease That’s Hiding in Your Shoes – And Why You Can’t Get Rid of It!


Yes, all sports people suffer from battered toenails, but then there’s that discolouration that seems like nothing at first but over time you realise – it’s just not going away – and slowly your once healthy toenail begins to disfigure, which is not great when summer rolls around and those [...]

The Disease That’s Hiding in Your Shoes – And Why You Can’t Get Rid of It!2017-01-18T00:00:13+02:00


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