Facts about germs
Germs are in your home right now.
Certain bacteria in the correct environment can divide every 20 minutes, spreading rapidly. Use FungiSolve to eliminate the spread and re-occurrence of bacteria and germs.
Germs can make you sick.
Your immune system protects you against most micro-organisms. However, there are tons of different kinds of germs, and some of them, especially viruses, are good at mutating into things your body doesn’t recognise.
It’s easy to keep things clean.
With FungiSolve and FungiSolve for Pets stuff it takes minutes to disinfect your home.
Top areas to disinfect in your home:
1. Kitchen
Dish towels and sponges are especially problematic, because they hold moisture and we tend to use them for multiple tasks. The kitchen sink is a no-brainer and gets a lot of attention, but the faucet hardware gets just as dirty after you handle raw food or dirty dishes and then turn the water on and off. Other areas include the refrigerator door handle and cabinet knobs.
2. Handles and switches
This one seems obvious, but how often do you walk around your home and wipe off doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches? Once a week, give them a once-over using disinfecting wipes with FungiSolve.
3. Make up bag
Makeup applicators have nooks, crannies, and bristles that are prime real estate for micro organisms. And the germs that live there can lead to skin and eye infections. Regular soap and water is fine for cleaning most applicators, but you can use FungiSolve on the brushes just follow the instructions carefully and make sure you rinse before use.
4. Laundry
Wet laundry left unattended in a machine, even for a short amount of time, is a hot spot for germs. Transfer clean clothes to the dryer immediately after they are done washing. If they do sit for more than 30 minutes, run them through the cycle again with FungiSolve to eliminate bacteria and odours.
If you use a laundry mat or a shared laundry facility, clean the washer drum with a disinfecting wipe soaked in FungiSolve. And be sure to disinfect with FungiSolve any surfaces you use to fold clothes.

By following these easy tips your home will be germ free. FungiSolve keeping your family safe from germs!