We live in a beautiful country.  We are a diverse mix of colour, culture, and tradition.  And, like all countries, we had to find a day that represented our uniqueness and union.


Heritage Day celebrated on the 24th of September, used to be known as Shaka Day, named after the great Shaka Zulu, who brought the Zulu nation together.  In order to incorporate all the nations within South Africa, the government decided to change the name to Heritage Day.  This day represents the rainbow nature and generally is celebrated by all in many ways.


Most will stoke up the fires, and invite friends and family round for a braai.  Others will ensure they get a good rest in, just chilling with their close family, taking advantage of the public holiday.


What do you do to support and celebrate Heritage Day?  Do your patriotic ways only extend to this one day, or do you endeavour to always keep in mind the South African way?


If you think about the Americans, and not to single that nation out at all, but because of the publicity and entertainment industry, we are exposed often to their very patriotic ways.  Every chance they get; they are promoting their country.


Yes, there are those South Africans that are very verbal and encouraging about our country, but for the most part, we are not even touching the iceberg.


So, here at Medipod, a proudly South African company, we thought of ways in which you can keep this magical country in mind always.





Sure, you learnt all about the Boer War and Jan Van Riebecck at school, but do you really remember any of it?  Decide how far back in history you wish to go and really read and retain the information you learn.  A good patriotic citizen will know stuff about their country if and when asked.





You don’t have to only buy items that have the sticker on.  It is possible to find out if a product was made in South Africa.  Just ask.  We have some really talented people in this country, and most of our revenue comes from pure South African entrepreneurs.





It only has to start at your own front door. What you say, what you do, and who you associate with, can all lead to you showing the world how race doesn’t matter.  With our rainbow nation, if we don’t start to get on with one another, where will we end up?





No matter their situation, no matter their colour, no matter their social standing, help your fellow brethren.  It could be as simple as buying them a meal, offering to drop them off somewhere, or donating to a charity that supports a worthy cause.





Realising you are not an island, and that we all need each other, is the first step to changing your attitude and view on the world as a whole.  Being a patriot starts within yourself.  No one expects you to get on with everyone, but you certainly can try.  Having an open heart and mind can lead to great things.

So, as you sink your teeth into that leftover braai chop, ask yourself and answer truthfully – “How Patriotic are you really?”