You’re headed out the door and you almost step back in, as a frozen blast of wind hits your just-woken up face. The streets are still dark and you are so tempted to head back to that warm bed, but you see your mate waving from the corner. Okay, no getting around it.


10 minutes into your run and your in grown toenail starts to ache, along with the niggle under your kneecap. But, you sweat it out until you hit your front lawn and collapse. That sprint up the road really took it out of you.


After bidding your partner in crime goodbye, you head inside for a much-needed hot shower, grabbing a banana on your way upstairs. The kids are running around, by this stage, like they have eaten an entire packet of M&M’s. Your partner gives you a rolled-eye look, and you’re reminded that tomorrow is your turn to do the wake-up-routine.


A few hours later, safely nestled behind your desk, nursing your aching neck, you realise you forgot to put your stinky trainers outside to air. You shrug as your colleague brings you another cup of coffee, your third that morning, and you think that it is probably time to purchase a new pair anyway. You silently work out how many kays you have on that very odour-full pair, and yip, the maths are not in your favour.


Lunchtime sees you down at Sportsman’s Warehouse, fumbling around with about five very colourful running shoes. You are no expert, but you know you were told you pronate when you run, so with bold hands up, you summon one of the very young-looking floor assistants.


R1500 down on your credit card and feeling like your ingrown will be welcoming this new orange crazy-ass running accessory, you look forward to trying them out. Much later, as you drive home, you remember that it’s not your turn to run tomorrow, and contemplate a quick 5-kayer around the neighbourhood, to wear the shoes in, of course.


As you click the remote to close the garage door, the first drops of rain start. Dammit! But, when did rain kill anyone, right? You’re not made of sugar.


A peek into the kitchen tells you that supper hasn’t been started yet, and another memory jogger hits you – it’s your turn!


You eye out the red, blue and white packet with longing, but reach for the chicken, which you did remember to take out that morning to defrost.


The new guys will just have to wait. Nothing like an entire day’s wait to try out a new toy!


If only you knew about FungiSolve, you would of been R1500 up and wouldn’t have to worry about putting your shoes outside after a run, sigh, now you know!