Karin Bruckner


Karin Brückner has been practicing as a podiatrist in Cape Town for over 25 years. She sees patients from all walks of life such as athletes, retirees, diabetics, children and anyone needing foot care. She treats all foot conditions and symptoms related to the foot and ankle, from ingrown toenails, warts and nail infections to foot injuries which may require orthosis (arch supports) or other interventions. As a therapist dealing with foot infections daily, Karin Brückner realised that fungal and bacterial infections often return – even after successful treatment with creams or drugs. Bacteria or fungi cling to shoes, socks, underwear and clothing, sports and gym kit, yoga mats, towels, floor mats and linen. Bacteria and fungi even survive long washes in hot water with detergents.

As a result, Karin, together with leading scientists, developed FungiSolve, a concentrated and economical laundry solution that decontaminates any materials, even in cold water. In SABS tests, FungiSolve has been shown to be a potent decontaminator. Scientific tests show that FungiSolve will not damage cloth, dye colour or stitching of expensive sports shoes and clothes. Fungisolve has been proven to eliminate viruses and is now widely used by podiatrists, dermatologists, and beauty therapists throughout South Africa and overseas.

Certifications and Approval Processes

  • NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications)

  • SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) – Abstract from Efficacy Data Report

  • University of the Free State – Evaluation Report on FungiSolve

  • Material safety data sheet completed in 2013 Research and testing done to compile the report done as follows. Jai Research institute Foundation India completed the following tests in 2003:

    • Micronucleus test
    • Sensitivity skin test
    • Dermal irritation study
    • Dermal toxicity study
  • SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) – Microbiology efficacy test FungiSolve 99.9 % effective against bacteria and fungi as well as fungi spores.

  • FungiSolve tested effective against virus classification. The internationally agreed system of virus classification passed as effective. (South African laboratory is unable to test for viral certification to date).

  • Tests and research done by Prof Braggs at the University of the Free State:

    • FungiSolve tested against Candida Species on woollen socks 99.9 % effective.
    • Evaluation on the effects of FungiSolve on all fabric against distilled water (same as distilled water, no damage).
    • Comparative test of FungiSolve against Canastan solution by Beyer, resulting in Fungisolve more effective with a lesser concentration and reduced time and cost.
    • Prof Braggs report on organisms that remain after normal washing.

Independent studies and Reports

  • University of Pretoria did an independent study of FungiSolve against viruses and it proved 99.9 % effective (including the parvovirus)

  • Intertek reported after testing that FungiSolve was effective and not damaging to wetsuits with the recommended dilution.

Disinfectant Fogger was tested as follows:

  • Deltamune Laboratory Centurion Pretoria tested the bactericidal activity of the chemical disinfectant as an antiseptic agent against bacteria and it is 99.9% effective.

  • Deltamune Laboratory Centurion Pretoria also tested the fungicidal activity of the disinfectant and it is 99.9% effective.

  • NRCS registration Certificate for FungiFogger 2001/013319/07 new 2019 research and tests completed.

Medipod Foot Repair Cream Registrations

  • The formulation is owned by Medipod Products – formulated by Karin Brückner.

  • Bioearth Medical in Strand makes the products with this formulation.

  • They have signed a non-disclosure agreement with Medipod.

  • SABS have tested the Foot Repair Cream and it is 99.9% effective against bacteria and fungistatic due to its pH.

  • Foot Repair Cream has a NAPPI code of 70592/001 and therefore medical aids recognise the product as an emollient.

ICA International Chemical Manufacturer

  • Registrations and factory information

  • ICA has ISO 9001-2008 Registration for export production

  • Factory safety and compliance is in place- Fire Safety Approval – Factory(s) Inspection Report.pdf; Croplife Certificate.pdf; – ISO 9001-2008 Certificate APVMA GMP Compliance Cert (valid 25-08-2012).pdf; 2011-02-10 – Fungi Solve Registration – Act5 GNR529-243642-040-0290.pdf

Documentation in place for ACI Manufacturer

  • 2010-10-21 – Fire Safety Approval 2010. 2010-03-31 – Factory(s) Inspection Report 2010 – Croplife Certificate; 2009-10-07 – ISO 9001-2008 Certificate – APVMA GMP Compliance Cert: 2011-02-10 – Fungi Solve Registration – Act5 GNR529-243642-040-0290

Manufacture Bioearth Medical

  • Bioearth Medical has an ISO registration 22716.2007.

  • All factory certifications are thus in place.