With Women’s Day popping up on our calendar, I feel it’s time to reflect on what it really means to be a woman. As with the male gender, we are easily slotted into neat little boxes – wife – girlfriend – female – female who has come of age – capable of bearing young… what? Oh, no you don’t!

Yes, those words and phrases are accurate, but they are very box-like. What does it really mean to be a woman? Are we forever to be thought as the laundry washing, shirt ironing, supper making, and child rearing vessels? Surely not.

While the world has evolved to allow women the opportunity to partake in the land of business, and we are not frowned upon when we decide to not have children, and should we send our dirty clothes to the laundry, instead of washing them ourselves, it is seen as okay, we still need to highlight what makes us special.

Yes, I am being facetious! But, seriously, in some utopia world, there are those that think this way.

Now, let us get down to what women are all about, really.

Without slinging our bras around (too much), women are pretty damn special. As soon as we accept that there are integral differences between men and women and that each species, oh I meant gender (lol), have key features or special traits, we can start to celebrate those differences. Now, it is not to say that men don’t have these same skills, but hey, it’s Women’s Month, so we are going to give a shout out to the ladies.

Woman are …
1. Compassionate
We cannot get away from it. We are, well for most of us females, born with the innate ability to be compassionate. From our kids to our parents, from that homeless guy outside to the dog that looks quite lost, we know just when to turn on the empathetic ear. I’ve been known to take that homeless guy’s old blanket and give it a good scrub with Medipod’s FungiSolve solution, and throw in his shoes and socks for good measure.

2. Nurturing
Nurturing is a gift. Not everyone can help others to grow and learn. Not everyone can support and tend to those less fortunate. Women can. Women are the best at this by far. That motherly instinct kicks in and one can be all consumed by the need to nurture.

3. Dynamic
The world takes no prisoners, and women have to fluff their feathers once in a while. Being able to switch from one activity to another without the blink of an eye is a real skill set, and us women are super good at doing that. We add an air of charisma to everything we do and show just how flexible and effective we can be.

4. Powerful
In what can be termed as a man’s world, (yes, ladies, no matter how much we fight against it), the dimension we can add is very powerful. Combining our ability to be nurturing and compassionate, dynamic and multitasking, we can bring an all-empowering aspect to the world. There is a firm place for women in the business world and as soon as we realise this and embrace it, you will see many more women excelling.

5. UnMessy
Is that even a word? Well, we just made it one, because we can. There is one area that most women are great at, and that is cleaning up the mess. Now, I don’t necessarily mean washing and cleaning, but more in how they carry themselves. A woman can go from bed hair and sweats to heels and curls in minutes (yes, some take hours) but the point is, we clean up good. We may have our head up in the clouds a lot of the time, but we know how to turn the heads when we have to. Looking good is our prerogative and our birth right. From making sure we look after our feet with Medipod’s Foot Repair Cream to ensuring the pet’s toys are fungal free with Medipod’s FungiSolve for Pet’s Stuff, we are cleaning up the world one step at a time.