So, you have entered for your first marathon. You have planned out your running schedule, and booked yourself in for a few half marathons and yoga classes.  Your new trainers are just perfect with their lumo laces, and Sportsman Warehouse came to the party with their 20% off sale on all running gear.


You are so ready!


But, as a newbie marathon trainee, you probably haven’t considered one very important area.


Yes, ensuring you go for regular massages, take a weekly rest day, and pamper those hard-working feet every so often with Medipod’s Foot Repair Cream, are on the list for sure.


However, if you don’t look after your running gear, you will end up having to replace those comfy shorts and T’s, run around smelling like a sweat tank, and not to mention, spreading bacteria like no one’s business.


What’s the solution?


Medipod’s FungiSolve anti-fungal and anti-bacterial laundry and shoe disinfectant is the answer!


When you find that your training regime picks up drastically, meaning you are spending more and more hours out on the road, your clothing and shoes can take quite the battering.


By choosing to clean your gear with our solution, on a regular basis, you can be assured that you will prevent fungi and bacteria from spreading.


How to use FungiSolve on your clothing


  1. Put your clothes in the washing machine
  2. Squeeze the FungiSolve bottle till the little measuring cup fills up (guideline: a 2L bucket gets 10mls)
  3. Pour the solution into the washing machine dispenser with no other detergent
  4. FungiSolve can be used with cold water!
  5. Remove the clothing from the machine
  6. Hang up to dry, preferably in the sun


For an easy to follow video, please click on this link.


How to use FungiSolve on your trainers


For your trainers, you want to approach the wash a little differently.


  1. Fill a bucket with cold water
  2. Squeeze the FungiSolve bottle till the little measuring cup fills up (half bucket gets 50ml’s and a full bucket gets 100ml’s)
  3. Pour the solution into the water
  4. Place each trainer into the bucket
  5. Using a scrubbing brush, give your trainers a good scrub, to remove excess dirt
  6. Soak for 20 minutes
  7. Rinse the trainers thoroughly under clean water
  8. Place them outside in the sun and remove the inner soles to dry separately


Here is another easy-to-follow video on how to wash your trainers.


As you will be out running at least 6 days a week, you will want to be washing your t-shirts, shorts, leggings, and socks at least once a week.


As for your shoes, you can aim to wash these once a month, and of course, if you do have a spare pair, more often.


To ensure you keep nasty bacteria and fungus’s away, and your running gear smelling fresh, plan your washes.