Bring out the pink and be more aware this month of the world of cancer.

The proverbial they say that we all have cancer cells lurking within us, and we never know when it may be triggered. While that isn’t a
comforting thought at all, it is one to ponder.

Living with cancer, nowadays, is much easier than it has been in the past, but still, we dread the notion of being afflicted or one of our
loved ones being diagnosed.

So, in support of those that have passed, and those that still live on, how will you be celebrating cancer awareness month?

Here are a few ideas:
1. Wear something pink everyday
2. Sport a pink ribbon every day
3. Donate bras you never wear anymore to someone or an organization that can make use of them
4. Donate to a Breast Awareness charity
5. For the over 40’s make an appointment for a Mammogram
6. Quit smoking or help someone to stop
7. Gather some girlfriends together and go for a Mammogram together – make a day of it!
8. Set a schedule on a monthly basis to do a breast check on yourself or ask your other half to participate (we are sure they will be very obliging)
9. Make an appointment with your gynae or GP for a routine breast examination
10. Talk to your kids about breast cancer and the risk factors associated – it is never too late to be aware
11. Reduce portion sizes for each meal you eat and encourage others to do so too
12. Start a walking routine in your neighbourhood, and try to pull in the neighbours, family, and friends to join you
13. Celebrate Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week (third week of October) by wearing a slightly darker pink ribbon with your other ribbon – and see how people will ask
14. Reduce your alcohol intake, or stop drinking alcohol completely for the month of October, or forever
15. Start an exercise program and stick to it
16. Spend time with a cancer patient, and see how you can help them

Cancer is as much a part of our lives as are other diseases, but being aware of it, and celebrating the awareness of it, sets it apart.

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