Whether you are planning to run a marathon or a 5 kay, you need to prepare. Preparation involves your mind, body and life, as a


1. Fuelling Up

The top rule on eating before a race, is not to eat anything you wouldn’t have normally eaten before a training run. If you don’t

normally eat before you run, you may need to reconsider that should you be attempting longer than a 5 km race. Contrary to

what you may think, your body needs to fuel up, especially if you are looking to better a previous time, or just want to feel good



Gone are the days of carbo-loading, although there is something to be said for adding in carbohydrates to your diet on a regular basis,

and increasing it slightly pre-race days (say 2-3 days before). This all depends on the length of your race, however, carbohydrates

don’t store forever. A nice mix of proteins, carbs and fats in the days before the race, and a light mix on the morning of, should see

your liver glycogen and blood glucose levels sitting pretty.


2. Sleep Savvy

Getting enough sleep is always a tough call for most, but for an athlete, yes you, it is paramount. While you may not get your

required dose of 8 hours a night, you should aim for at least 6. And, the days before a race, you should really make an effort to get

a solid dose. Quality over quantity, when it comes to sleep, can make a real difference too.


3. Mental Mantras

This may not be a ritual you feel comfortable with. But, we don’t expect you to fold your body in half, place your thumb and finger

touching hands on your knees and hum. Developing a routine whereby you take a few minutes to just be before a race will always

make a difference in the type of race you have.


This is how simple it can be. A few minutes before the gun goes off, close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out, and try to focus on

the finish line. See yourself running along smoothly, feet hitting the tarmac, and your breathing light and easy. See yourself looking at

your watch as you step over the finish line, feeling satisfied that you have bettered your last time or have had a great race.


4. Body Warmer

Warm Ups. Not many do it, but given the amount of injuries occurring out there, everyone should be. Warming up can be the

simplest part of your race. Just a wee jog to the corner and back, a light stretch of those quads, hammies and ankles, will prepare your

body for the strain to follow. And running is a strain on the body, no matter how slow or fast you go. Get your body ready for it.


5. Gear Guru

Your clothing is vital to a comfortable run. Don’t ever wear anything, as with food intake, that you haven’t worn before for that

desired length of race. Ensure you have lathered up with Vaseline or anti-chafe creams, if you know you are prone to chafing. Run in

clean gear and if you’re a smart Alec you would have washed your kit in FungiSolve's Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Laundry and Shoe

Disinfectant Solution.


Now, that you have your mind, body and life ready for that race, be sure to buy a tube or two of our FungiSolve Foot Repair Cream to

sooth those hardworking feet after your race. And, our wonder cream doesn’t just sooth, it helps with the healing process following

blisters and cracked heels, as well as getting rid of bacteria, which causes bad odours.


Is that it? Nope! This cream also changes the PH balance of your skin, so that your “runners feet” can be rid of fungal spores. And, if

you weren’t sure what “runners feet” was, it’s the yellow, cracking or black toenail results that often plague consistent runners.


Now, you really will be prepared!