Sweating is not a pastime most like to do, but it is, in fact, very healthy for you.

There is a reason we sweat, obviously, although we do everything we can to avoid this natural occurrence. We ply ourselves with deodorant, body spray, underarm, and perfume, just to mask or hide any possible foul smell our bodies may rudely emit. But, in fact, it is the most natural process and is quite healthy for us.

I remember, as a child, watching my grandmother sip on her hot tea in the heat of summer, and asking her why. She promptly told me that it cooled her down. I couldn’t fathom why that would be. It was hot, so how was it cooling her down. When she told me it made her sweat, I was even more confused. But, now I know, that our sweat glands are our very own built-in air conditioning unit.

Here are other reasons you should be sweating, and often.

1. A Natural Detox?
When we sweat, our bodies get rid of small amounts of ammonia, and salt. If you have been over eating and have a bloated feeling, go run or sweat a little. It will help with the release of all that excess salt, and will encourage your body to rehydrate.

2. Kidney Stones be Gone
If you have ever had to pass a kidney stone, you will know it is not the most pleasant exercise. It hurts like childbirth for sure! But, if you have a diet high in fat, sugar and salt, there is a high probability that you will develop these little demon stones sometime. One needs to flush the system, and sweating helps to flush the kidneys out. So, again, get moving on the treadmill or out on the road, then drink plenty of fresh water.

3. Happy Chappie
There is no doubt that exercising generates happy endorphins, but there is a catch. You need to push your body into an anaerobic exercise mode, and this means running faster, taking on heavier weight bearing exercises, or just feeling the burn a bit more. It’s that “rush” feeling you are looking for, which will push those sweat glands to pump out more sweat, and in the end, make you feel like a happy chappie.

4. A Glowing Smile
Whether you’re in full blown puberty, have your period, or just suffer from bad skin, sweating can help. It opens up your pores, encourages rich blood supply to your face and spurs on the creation of new skin cells, as well as helping to heal broken areas. The bacteria will be flushed or wiped off easier on exit when you sweat after that shower, so, let that sweat do its cleansing job.

5. No Pain
Back to exercise again. Have a niggling pain somewhere, unless it’s a debilitating move, hit the gym, don those trainers, and get perspiring. Exercise has the ability to make the brain produce pain-killing endorphins via the neurochemical pathways. Have a headache, try to go for a walk, and drink plenty of water. You may
find you will reach for those Disprins or Cataflams far less.

6. Pollutants in the Air
Our air and general environment are full of BPA’s and DEHP’s, brought about by the chemical products we use, and our flaking Ozone. These settle on our skin and sweating can move them off the surface. When it comes to our clothing, it’s the bacterium that is harboured in between the fibres, and when it comes into contact with

When it comes to our clothing, it’s the bacterium that is harboured in between the fibres, and when it comes into contact with moisture, ammonia and salt from the sweat, it multiplies, causing them to smell off very quickly.

This is the frustration of Hi Tech fibre, which cools, absorbs sweat, and is lightweight. It is generally not fresh even after a regular wash. Within minutes of wearing it gets an unpleasant smell, so washing it in an antibacterial non-harming soap like Medipod’s FungiSolve Anti-Bacterial Detergent is perfect. A regular wash every week will see your clothing free of those nasties, and will not harm your technical gear.