10 10, 2017

5 Most Embarrassing Runner Problems


I love running. And, I'm sure you do too, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. But, and a big but, there are some areas of running that just are so damn embarrassing. Whether you are just the jogger that takes a lope around the block, or you spend many [...]

5 Most Embarrassing Runner Problems2017-10-10T16:43:25+02:00
31 07, 2017

To sweat or not to sweat


Sweating is not a pastime most like to do, but it is, in fact, very healthy for you. There is a reason we sweat, obviously, although we do everything we can to avoid this natural occurrence. We ply ourselves with deodorant, body spray, underarm, and perfume, just to mask or [...]

To sweat or not to sweat2017-07-31T13:48:58+02:00
7 05, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Part-time Athlete


You’re headed out the door and you almost step back in, as a frozen blast of wind hits your just-woken up face. The streets are still dark and you are so tempted to head back to that warm bed, but you see your mate waving from the corner. Okay, no [...]

A Day in the Life of a Part-time Athlete2017-05-07T20:41:30+02:00
13 02, 2014

Love your feet, give them a healthy start


People often neglect the most important part of their body, their feet.  The constant pressure they are under, carrying your whole body weight for up to 10,000 steps a day!  Here is some advice on how to learn to love your feet and keep them happy. #HealthyFeetHappyFeet Natural foot care [...]

Love your feet, give them a healthy start2014-05-10T17:41:50+02:00
22 01, 2014

Trouble getting rid of dark nail polish?


Whiten your toe nails after wearing dark nail polish. Mix 1 TBSP of peroxide 2 1/4 TBSP of baking soda Apply to toe nails for 5 minutes then wipe off with a damp towel. Apply Medipod Foot Repair Cream and rub in for 2-minutes massaging into feet. Medipod Foot Repair [...]

Trouble getting rid of dark nail polish?2014-05-10T17:36:50+02:00


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