31 10, 2016

Simple Steps to a Sparkling Bathroom


From vinegar, to baking soda, and even hydrogen peroxide, there’s lots of advice out there about how to clean tiles, caulking and grout. But if you don’t want your restroom smelling like a chip shop, we recommend taking the easier route, and using our Medipod formula, FugiSolve to not only remove the [...]

Simple Steps to a Sparkling Bathroom2016-10-31T16:22:48+02:00
18 10, 2016

Musty Clothes, Moldy Shoes and smelly socks?


We’ve Got the Solution Mold can easily grow on your clothes and shoes – especially if there’s excess moisture in the air (places of concern are Atlantic Seaboard and Durban), or your home is poorly ventilated. Leaving damp shoes, towels or socks to dry indoors can also cause the same problem. This [...]

Musty Clothes, Moldy Shoes and smelly socks?2016-10-18T13:59:40+02:00


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