We’ve Got the Solution

Mold can easily grow on your clothes and shoes – especially if there’s excess moisture in the air (places of concern are Atlantic Seaboard and Durban), or your home is poorly ventilated. Leaving damp shoes, towels or socks to dry indoors can also cause the same problem. This results in a musty smell, and even visible fuzz if left for too long without treatment. Don’t panic – we have mold removal products to treat the problem without damaging your things, and a little trick for preventing it from happening in the first place!

Why Does This Happen?

Mold is a fungus that thrives in warm, dark, moist environments. Shoes and socks are particularly susceptible to this, because the insoles can get damp easily from perspiration. External weather conditions add further to the risk of mildew and mold growth, and as shoes are typically enclosed and dark, it provides the perfect breeding ground for the spores to form. Cotton clothing is also at a high risk for mold. This often happens when out of season items are left in storage closets that are not aerated regularly, or in older / rental homes where insulation and ventilation may not be as good as it could be. It’s never pleasant to get a waft of mustiness from your clothes – so in order to remove it and stay smelling fresh, we have a way to remove it without damaging your things!


How To Remove Mold or Mildew From Clothes and Shoes

FungiSolve is the perfect mold removal solution to your damp and musty clothes, socks or shoes. This non-toxic formula will eliminate the problem, without the use of bleach or toxic chemicals, that could damage or discolour your belongings. It’s quick and simple to use too!

First, Loosen measuring chamber cap on the special FungiSolve dispenser. Squeeze bottle gently to fill to the required volume. Avoid skin or eye contact with the concentrate. Mix solution of one part of FungiSolve to 100 parts of clean water (10ml to each litre). Soak the garments for a minimum of 20minutes, and then rinse out. Or use FungiSolve instead of soap in the washing machine. Dry garments before wearing. With most items – such as upholstery, furniture, or fitting and fixtures, FungiSolve stays in place for a long time and prevents the problem from returning. However, clothes and shoes are washed on a much more frequent basic! Now that the mold is removed, you can wash your clothes and shoes as normal, and the mold will be completely eradicated, along with that musty damp smell that’s been plaguing you!

If you have any mold or mildew related problems, and would like advice on how to treat or remove it, get in touch with us! We’re on Facebook #Medipod #FungiSolve