10 10, 2017

5 Most Embarrassing Runner Problems


I love running. And, I'm sure you do too, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. But, and a big but, there are some areas of running that just are so damn embarrassing. Whether you are just the jogger that takes a lope around the block, or you spend many [...]

5 Most Embarrassing Runner Problems2017-10-10T16:43:25+02:00
24 07, 2017



As you grow older, your feet will also grow then start to change shape, your skin may even get thinner, but they shouldn’t feel painful.  Keeping healthy feet for the rest of your life can be easy with a hands-on approach. Many older people will claim that you will miss [...]

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19 02, 2014

Bacteria causes odour, FungiSolve gets rid of bacteria!


No matter how often you shower or how clean your home is, you can't help but to coexist with bacteria. They live on your skin and in your body, but don't try to eradicate them all however. The right balance of friendly bacteria can help protect us from such problems [...]

Bacteria causes odour, FungiSolve gets rid of bacteria!2014-05-10T17:43:44+02:00
19 01, 2014

How to apply the 5 second rule


Faster is better — but it may not be fast enough. Although a piece of food does pick up more bacteria the longer it's on the floor, bacteria can attach to it instantly. So any food that makes contact with the floor can get contaminated if conditions are right. And foods with wet [...]

How to apply the 5 second rule2014-05-10T17:36:00+02:00
15 01, 2014

Babies, Pets and Germs


Don't worry about: 1) Food on the carpet or floors. As long as you clean your floors on a regular basis with FungiSolve for Pets Stuff. The germs that do populate aren't likely to be harmful. If the floor is wet however it is best to remove your baby from [...]

Babies, Pets and Germs2014-05-10T17:33:55+02:00


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