Mostly if you have pets at home as well as children it is best to try and get rid of as many germs and bacteria that your pets carry around and so preventing your children from getting those particular viruses caused by germs.

Pets carry germs on their coats as well as in their mouths, sometimes it is harder to wash your pets than it is to clean up around them.
Our quick and easy way to prevent bacteria from spreading to your children is by washing all pet accessories with FungiSolve for Pets Stuff.
All you have to do is take your pet accessories and linen (if your pets sleep on your beds, wash this linen to) throw them in the washing machine with a capsule of FungiSolve for Pets Stuff and let the machine do the rest. 
This way when your children go to bed at night or pick up the pets toys they will be less likely to pick up any viruses.