28 05, 2014

How to achieve maximum comfort on your run


Simple Tips Pre-wash your shoes and running gear in FungiSolve. Give yourself a foot massage everyday. Medipod Foot Repair Cream is a 2-min a day spa in a tube. Benefits of FungiSolve Fungal and bacterial infections often return, even after successful treatment with creams or drugs, pre-washing your running shoes [...]

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6 03, 2014

Runner’s feet


After recently setting up a FREE Foot Massage tent at the  Milkwood Run, we realised that alot of runners don't look after there feet. They want to be pampered but possible don't have the time. Here's a bit of knowledge on how fungal infections start: A fungal nail infection generally [...]

Runner’s feet2014-05-10T17:48:21+02:00


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