Having a sea contact sport the sea can unfortunately leave your gear smelling really bad. Because you are always in the sea you can never get rid of the smell.

Well we have a solution for you to get rid of that sea odour in your sport gear:

  • FungiSolve disinfects and decontaminates, kills bacteria and fungi, and gets rid of unpleasant odours these cause. Proved effective by the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS).
  • Better than prolonged hot washing – it won’t damage expensive sports clothes, gear or affect dye colours. Tested by scientists.
  • Economical: Works in cold water. Concentrate is diluted 10ml to a litre. Can be used in washing machines.
  • Throw in your wetsuits, dry suits, booties, bedding, socks and even underwear into the washing machine, add FungiSolve and GO!
  • Get rid of sea odours in 1/2 washes