Scalp psoriasis is commonly mistaken for dandruff or dry scalp.

Although it is very similar there is no cure.
However we find that you can control Scalp psoriasis by doing the following:
1) Use Natural Mente shampoo and conditioner or any natural shampoo’s as the chemicals in other shampoo’s can cause build up.
2) After you have washed your hair and towel dried apply Medipod Foot Repair Cream to effected dry scalp areas. 
3) Allow hair to dry naturally which also helps strengthen hair. Also try to be in the sun as much as possible vitamin D can also help treatment of Scalp psoriasis.
We found the results to be fantastic!
After two weeks there were less flakes. After two months there were minor flare ups due to stress.
Please send us your feedback as we would like to recommend in most hairdressers. 
Don’t be embarrassed, it’s common!
The prevalence in South Africa is unknown, but about 7.5 million Americans suffer from Scalp psoriasis and spend roughly $300 million annually on products to control it. 
Healthy Head. Happy Head.