Turf Wash is very effective to decontaminate plastic grass and removes odours when the area is used by pets and children.

Turf Wash is biodegradable and will leave no residue when the area is dry.

Remove dog faeces and organic material before wetting the area well with Turf Wash, prepared as follows:

Prepare a watering can with a dilution of 10mls of Turf Wash per litre of water, eg. 50mls for a 5 litre watering; 100mls for a 10 litre watering can.

Wet the surface well – it is recommended to use a nozzle on your watering can to disperse the Turf Wash evenly.

If necessary, a scrubbing brush or broom can be used to lather areas that are dirty. There is no need to rinse the area with clean water unless debris was loosened and remains on the surface when dry.

It is important to allow the area to dry completely if the area is used for children to play on.

  • Decontaminates all germs (fungi, bacteria and viruses) within 30 – 60 minutes
  • Effective against Parvo Virus (a highly contagious virus that affects animals)
  • Removes odours
  • Can be mixed in clean or salted water and will still be effective
  • Stable when diluted with clean water
  • Biodegradable so will not contaminate soil
  • Can be used to soak or spray other garden or pet equipment
  • Non-corrosive


Quantity: 500ml