Antifungal   •   Antiviral   •   Antibacterial

Removes and controls fungal, viral and bacterial infections1

Bacteria, fungi and viruses affect us in many ways. You may just have a fungal infection on your toenails or your child may be sickly. The simple answer to many of these problems is decontamination. This is an easy process if you have the correct product.

Bacterial infections and contamination can make themselves known by unpleasant smells or irritating infections which often need medical intervention.

Prevention is better than cure.

FungiSolve is the perfect solution. All you need is the correct easy-to-use product and it will treat everything from a fungal infection on your foot through to the toys that your pets play with. We have a range of products perfect for sports, from the kit that you play in to the turf that you run on. FungiSolve is highly recommended by medical practitioners. Why not protect yourself and your family?

Beat viruses!
Disinfect your home or office with FungiSolve.

  • Just add 10 ml FungiSolve to 1 L water.
  • Spray everywhere in your home or office.

  • Suitable for all surfaces.

  • Can be used on all fabrics.


Buy 500ml
of FungiSolve
and get a
1L spray bottle
for FREE!

ONLY R190.00

makes 50 liters once diluted

Beat viruses! Use FungiSolve Disinfectant Fogger to sanitise your home or office.

  • Self-dispensing aerosol disinfectant.
  • One can will completely disinfect a 35m3 room or office.

  • No need to wipe surfaces after use.

ONLY R180.00

completely disinfects a 35m3 room

Our Products

If your feet are dry or cracked, or if you suffer from athlete’s foot, bacterial infections and odours, you need Medipod Foot Repair Cream. It eliminates bacteria and odours, provides a barrier against fungal infections, gently exfoliates dead skin and moisturises your feet whilst maintaining the ideal pH balance to prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

Our easy-to-use and economical Laundry and Shoe Disinfectant safely decontaminates all fabrics, shoes and surfaces. It kills the bacteria and fungi that cause athlete’s foot, nail infections and a range of skin infections. FungiSolve is a multi-purpose antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal decontaminant and is clinically tested to be effective against viral particles.

Pet Items Disinfectant decontaminates and deodorises your pets’ items, eliminating bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is safe to use on all fabrics, fibres and rubber; including toys, pets bedding and baskets, bridles, saddles and accessories. It decontaminates against deadly parvovirus, hoof rot in horses, ringworm and other infections. May not to be used as a shampoo.

Sports Kit Disinfectant is ideal for all sports apparel and equipment. Besides your kit, such as running clothes, shoes and cycling shorts, it is perfect for wetsuits, yoga mats, boxing gloves, gym equipment as well as surfaces and floors. It quickly eliminates the odours associated with bacteria and is safe to use on all fabrics, fibres and rubber. It can be used to soak, as a spray or a washing machine detergent or pre-wash.

Disinfectant Fogger is a self-dispensing aerosol disinfectant and decontaminator killing most germs. It will very quickly decontaminate any room, office, waiting room, salon, surgery, restaurant or living space. It effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, and fungal spores, leaving these spaces odour-free and safe. It is ideal for destroying viral particles.

Turf Wash is a cost-effective disinfectant for use on all sorts of artificial grass. It eliminates fungi, viruses and bacteria and the odours that they cause. This easy-to-use solution is an ideal decontaminant perfect for large and small areas. It is biodegradable and can be used with cold water.

  • FungiSolve disinfects and decontaminates safely, killing the bacteria and fungi that cause athlete’s foot, nail infections and a range of skin infections.

  • Eliminates fungi and bacteria on all surfaces.
  • Once FungiSolve has eliminated the bacteria, the unpleasant odours in your clothing, sports kit and footwear will disappear too.

  • FungiSolve does not damage or coat the fibres of your running shoes or sports kit.

  • Decontaminates athletic shoes, everyday shoes, any shoes.

  • It prevents fungal reinfection in your gym-wear, cycling pants, leotards, towels, floor mats, bed linen and socks.
  • It is economical as it is just as effective in cold water as it is during prolonged washing in warm water. It does not damage your clothing, your sports kit, or your shoes. It also saves on your electricity bill.

  • FungiSolve is 100% biodegradable.

  • No damage to technical garments and does not change colour of fabric.

  • It can be used as a detergent replacement or a pre-wash.
  • As gentle as distilled water on fabric.

  • Stop reinfection. Prevent recurrence and spread of Athlete’s foot, toenail infections, fungal toenails, Candida infections (thrush), jock itch and a range of foot and skin infections. Kill them in the wash!