FungiSolve – Clothes

Quick, easy, effective! This is how you decontaminate your clothes with FungiSolve.

FungiSolve – Shoes

Leather shoe love. Just a swish and a swirl away from sweet-smelling feet!

FungiSolve SportsWash – Trainers

Freshen up your footwear! Get rid of bad shoe smells with this simple method.

FungiSolve – Pre-wash

Soak items in FungiSolve before you wash them to remove bacteria, viruses and other nasties.

FungiSolve for Pet’s Stuff – Pet Items

Tired of wet dog smell? Here’s how to keep your pet’s stuff squeaky clean!

FungiSolve – Laundry

Use Fungisolve instead of laundry detergent to ensure that you are getting a disinfected wash. More effective than hot washing with detergent!

FungiSolve – Groceries

Make sure your groceries are COVID-free with this simple routine!

FungiSolve – Car Spray

Driving safely now includes disinfecting your ride! Watch this video to see how our spray can help.


Ensure your rooms are safe to occupy with this easy-to-use GermFogger!