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5 01, 2014

Treat ingrown toe nails and stop infection


What is an ingrown toe nail? A toenail is ingrown when one or both sides of the nail begin to break through and grow into the soft skin of the toe. This can lead to irritation and infection because of all the bacteria hidden around your feet. How Did My [...]

Treat ingrown toe nails and stop infection2014-05-10T17:28:20+02:00
5 01, 2014

Can fungus come back?


Fungi are all around us, re-infection is possible. Washing infected shoes and socks in hot water will not guarantee that these do not cause re-infection. Patients would wear new shoes and socks or soak old footwear in a fungicide such as FungiSolve, to prevent re-infection. FungiSolve is available on www.medipod.co.za

Can fungus come back?2014-05-10T17:27:05+02:00
3 01, 2014

Control Scalp psoriasis


Scalp psoriasis is commonly mistaken for dandruff or dry scalp. Although it is very similar there is no cure. However we find that you can control Scalp psoriasis by doing the following: 1) Use Natural Mente shampoo and conditioner or any natural shampoo's as the chemicals in other shampoo's can cause [...]

Control Scalp psoriasis2014-05-10T17:25:44+02:00
2 01, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014!


Wishing all our fans a Happy New Year! What are your New Year Resolutions? We have a few this year that we are going to try stick to. 1. Be environmentally conscious. Already our products are biodegradable and not tested on animals. 2. Be proudly South African. Karin Bruckner is [...]

New Years Resolutions 2014!2014-05-10T17:24:50+02:00
1 01, 2014

FungiSolve for Pets stuff gets rid of Zoonoses


FungiSolve for Pets Stuff was developed to protect your family from germs that your pets bring into the house such as Zoonoses (pronounced: zoo-uh-no-seez) is the name for infections that can be passed from animals to humans. People get zoonoses when they are bitten or scratched or come into contact [...]

FungiSolve for Pets stuff gets rid of Zoonoses2014-05-29T13:30:05+02:00

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